Animal Backpacks

No longer the sole territory of outdoor hikes and treks into the wilderness, our range of Animal backpacks has made a smooth transition into the fashion world. All of the brands listed are dedicated in their aim to provide a perfect blend between style and functionality, and you won't be disappointed with the results. Perfect for university, your sporting pursuits or the daily commute, these hard-wearing options are the best in modern apparel and are sure to update even the most forward-thinking of wardrobes.

Animal Noe Backpack - Black
Was: £19.99
Now: £11.99

Animal Crette Backpack With Bottle - Blue/white
With Bottle
Was: £22.99
Now: £16.09
Animal Daze Backpack - Indigo
Was: £17.99
Now: £14.39
Animal Caswell Backpack - Stripes
Was: £21.99
Now: £17.59
Animal Andrano Backpack - Cyan
Was: £34.99
Now: £27.99

Animal Almada Backpack - Cream
Was: £34.99
Now: £27.99