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Boys Sunglasses

If you’re shopping for your next pair of shades for holiday time we have every shape and style of boy’s sunglasses covered. If you’re a parent looking for eye protection for your child we have specifically designed toddler and baby sunglasses. They are the ultimate way to finish off an outfit and our range of shades will keep anybody looking cool all year round.

Banz Retro Kidz Sunglasses - White
Suitable For Children 2-5Yrs
Banz Retro Kidz Sunglasses - Black
Suitable For Children 2-5Yrs
Banz Adventurer Baby Sunglasses - Dark Blue
Suitable For Children 3Mths-24Mths

Banz Jbanz Flyer Sunglasses - Black
Suitable for 4-10 yrs

Zoobug Wayfarer Sunglasses - Pastel Blue/cream
Suitable for 03-5 yrs
Was: £34.99
Now: £17.49

Molo Sun Sunglasses - Honey Dew
Was: £13.99
Now: £9.79
Zoobug Aviator Sunglasses - Yellow
Suitable for 06-12 yrs
Was: £34.99
Now: £17.49
Zoobug Wayfarer Sunglasses - Charcoal/orange
Suitable for 03-5 yrs
Was: £34.99
Now: £20.99
Banz Funky J Sunglasses - Black Square TV
Matching Neoprene Case
Was: £16.99
Now: £13.59