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Girls Sunglasses

We’ve have specially selected a great range of girl’s sunglasses to suit all ages. We know how important it is to protect your eyes – so whether you’re searching for the perfect accompaniment to complete your coolest holiday outfit or for some serious shades to stay safe on the slopes we’ve got it covered. We’ve got styles from only the best surf, lifestyle and fashion brands to ensure you have the only the best options available.

Banz Jbanz Flyer Sunglasses - Pink
Suitable for 4-10 yrs
Banz Flowers Sunglasses - Pink Flowers
Suitable for age 4-10 Years

Roxy Mini TDG Sunglasses - White/Grey
Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision

Banz Retro Kidz Sunglasses - White
Suitable For Children 2-5Yrs
Banz Retro Kidz Sunglasses - Black
Suitable For Children 2-5Yrs
Banz Funky J Sunglasses - Pink Leopard
Matching Neoprene Case Suitable For Children 4-10Yrs

Banz Adventurer Baby Sunglasses - Dark Blue
Suitable For Children 3Mths-24Mths
Banz Adventurer Kidz Sunglasses - Pink Check
Suitable For Children 2-5Yrs
Banz Adventurer Kidz Sunglasses - Red Dot
Suitable For Children 2-5Yrs

Banz Jbanz Flyer Sunglasses - White
Suitable for 4-10 yrs

Zoobug Wayfarer Sunglasses - Fuschia
Suitable for 06-12 yrs
Was: $56.33
Now: $28.16
Sizes in Stock: 6-12

Zoobug Round Sunny Shape Sunglasses - Red Snake Skin
Suitable for 6-12 yrs
Was: $62.77
Now: $37.66
Banz Funky J Sunglasses - Pink Square TV
Matching Neoprene Case Suitable for Children 4-10Yrs
Was: $24.13
Now: $14.47