Roxy Backpacks

These Roxy backpacks are the perfect combination of a fun and bright accessory and a practical way to carry all your essential gear in a comfortable way. Ideal for taking your beach clothes, gym kit, school or work supplies or anything else with you, these products are comfortable, versatile and all look great. With a great variety in the designs, colours and prints you can easily find an option that suits your personal style and look. Stay cool and stay accessorised.

Roxy Sugar Baby Girl Backpack - Cool Grey
Suitable for 12-16 Years - 16 Litres

Roxy Always Core Mini Backpack - Fandango Pink
Suitable for 4-12 yrs.8 Litres
Roxy Always Core Mini Backpack - True Black
Suitable For 4-12 Yrs 8 Litres

Roxy Flash Purse - Fancy Plaid
Was: £9.99
Now: £4.99