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Santa Cruz Clothing and Surfboards

Channelling a real vintage vibe with incredible graphic skill, Santa Cruz clothing and surfboards are a firm favourite of the surfing crowd. Founded in 1973, the brand was nurtured on the boardwalks and beaches of California, and now you can take home your own piece of retro West Coast cool. Their large tribe of loyal followers is just testament to the brand’s collection of quality skate apparel and equipment, and these guys are also responsible for a world class team of riders with Ozzie Wright at the helm. Impressed? We certainly are.
Santa Cruz Sundown Vest - Aqua
Sizes in Stock: M|L|XL|XXL

Santa Cruz Woodburn T-shirt - Indigo
Sizes in Stock: S|M|XL

Santa Cruz Strip Stack T-shirt - White
Sizes in Stock: S|M|L|XL
Santa Cruz Mf Original Board Shorts - Black
Sizes in Stock: 32"|34"

Santa Cruz Mfg T-shirt - Custard
Sizes in Stock: S

Santa Cruz Basketball Vest - Black
Sizes in Stock: 9-10|13-14
Santa Cruz G Vest - Vintage Black
Sizes in Stock: 9-10|11-12|13-14

Santa Cruz G T-Shirt - Custard
Sizes in Stock: 9-10|11-12|13-14
Santa Cruz Hood Hoodie - Mineral
Sizes in Stock: 7-8|9-10|11-12|13-14

Santa Cruz Gutter Jeans - Vintage Black
Sizes in Stock: 34"|36"