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Surfboard Fins

Surf fins make a huge difference to the stability, feel and your ability to control your board. We stock a wide range from a variety of well known brands that have been created to enhance your ride. Whether you like yours patterned or plain, made from performance glass or fibreglass, we have everything you need to refine your ride right here.

Futures FAM1 Honeycomb Thruster Fins - Medium
Al Merrick's Signature Edition

Futures F4 Honeycomb Thruster Fins - Small
Perfect All Round Set Up
FCS II Performer Glass Flex Tri Fins - Medium
A Balance Of Speed & Response

FCS GMB Performance Core 5 Tri Fins - Yellow
Matt 'Mayhem' Biolo's Signature Template
FCS G1000 Natural Glass Flex Tri Fin Set - X-Small
Soft Forgiving Flex Pattern
FCS Fluid Foils Dolphin 9 inch Longboard Fins - Smoke
Best All Round Long board Fin

Lokbox Composite X2 Natural Tri Fin Set - Medium
Ideal For Te Bigger Surfer

Futures John John Honeycomb Thruster Fins - Small
John John Florence Signature Edition
Futures Rasta Honey Comb Quad Fin Set - Black/Bamboo
Rastas Signature Charity Fins

Futures John John Techflex Thruster Fins - Medium
John John Florence Signature Edition
FCS Kai Sallas 6.5'' Performance Glass Fins - Blue
Ideal For Performace Longboards

Futures F6 Thermotech Thruster Fins - Medium
Perfect All Round Set Up

FCS Ultra Light 3 Tri Fin Set - Red
Snap Back Carbon Technology

FCS Fluid Foils Ezi Trim 7.75'' Fins - Blue
Ideal For Performace Longboards