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Surfboard Leashes

Here at Surfdome we have a huge selection of surfboard leashes with some of the biggest brands and freshest, most innovative technology on the market. Our range offers the right product at the right price whether you’re a big wave specialist, a long board cruiser or a beginner looking for a durable economical option just get you to get started. With differing lengths, colours and technology in stock throughout the year there will be no excuse to go and brave your local break.

Ocean and Earth Sunset Moulded Green Leash - 6ft 0
Single Stainless Steel Swivel

Ocean and Earth Regular Green Comp Leash - 5ft 0
Double Stainless Steel Swivel

Dakine Irons Black Leash - 7ft 0
Overmolded Leash Ends
Ocean and Earth Fish One Piece Blue Leash - 6ft 0
Double Stainless Steal Swivels

FCS Big Wave Black Leash - 8ft 0
Machine Stainless Steel Swivels
FCS Regular Purple Leash - 7ft 0
Double Stainless Steel Swivels

Ocean and Earth Regular Moulded Blue Leash - 7ft 0
Double Stainless Steel Swivel

FCS Regular Slate Ankle Leash - 9ft 0
Double Stainless Steel Swivels

Ocean and Earth Premium Blue Leash - 7ft 0
Worlds Strongest Leash