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Technical Backpacks, Travel Packs and Rucksacks

Load your life into one of these technical backpacks, travel packs and rucksacks and be on your way, thanks to our expansive collection. Whether you like to travel light or tend to take everything but the kitchen sink on your expedition, we know that our range of durable bags has everything you need for a successful journey. Don’t waste time worrying about which toothbrush you love the most, take them both, thanks to the expansive storage capacities in this selection.
Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack - Charcoal/Slate
40 Litres
Sizes in Stock: M/L
Osprey Lightweight Rucksack Cover - Titanium
Sizes in Stock: XS|S|M|L

Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack - Charcoal/Slate
70 Litres
Sizes in Stock: M/L

Osprey High Vis Raincover Kit - Bright Yellow
10-20 Litres and 20-40 Litres
Sizes in Stock: XS|S

Osprey Manta 28 Backpack - Silt Grey
28 Litres, Raincover Built In
Sizes in Stock: S/M|M/L
Osprey Escapist 25 Backpack - Fjord
25 Litres, Raincover Built In
Sizes in Stock: M/L

Berghaus Torridon 65 Rucksack - Jet Black
DofE Recommended Kit, 65 Litres
Montane Batpack 6 Litre Hip Pack - Shadow
Includes 2 700ml bottles

Montane Medusa 32 Backpack - Shadow
32 Litres, Lightweight
Berghaus Centurio 30 Rucksack - Cedar
Highly Durable 30 Litre Military Rucksack

Osprey Escapist 25 Backpack - Grit
25 Litres, Raincover Built In
Sizes in Stock: M/L
Osprey Stratos 24 Backpack - Anthracite Black
Integrated Raincover, 24 Litres.
Sizes in Stock: S/M