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Camping Travel Equipment

Here at Surfdome we have been rapidly building our range of camping travel equipment online. With all kinds of sizes, prices and colours we endeavour to help you find what you are looking for and believe we have the ideal camping travel equipment for everyone. From small duffle bags for an overnight camp, cooler bags to make sure your drinks are nice and cold, to the huge 80 litre travel bags, we have everything to ensure that wherever you’re going, your adventure will be plain sailing all the way.
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Lifeventure EX3 Cotton Rectangular Travel Sleeper - Charcoal
Anti Bacterial, Anti Mosquito, Anti Bed Bug

Lifeventure All Purpose Soap - 100ml
DofE Recommended Kit

LifeSystems Trek First Aid Kit - Red
DofE Recommended Kit
Lifesystems Ex4 Antimosquito Spray - Black
Treats Clothing and Fabrics

Lifeventure Lexan Blue Bottle - 1000ml
1 Litre
Was: £9.99
Now: £6.99
Lifesystems Universal Adapter - Black
Essential Travel Item
Was: £14.99
Now: £10.49
LifeSystems 12 Hour Twin Pack Lightsticks - Green/Orange
DofE Recommended Kit
Was: £3.99
Now: £2.79

Lifeventure Wide-Mouth Vacuum Flask - Black
1 Litre
Was: £19.99
Now: £13.99

Lifeventure Dry Wash Gel - 100ml
DofE Recommended Kit
Was: £3.49
Now: £2.44
LifeSystems Mountain Thermal Bag - Silver
DofE Recommended Kit
Was: £9.99
Now: £6.99

Touch of Ginger Hikers Kit - Clr
Was: £9.99
Now: £5.99
Lifesystems Fire Starter Kit - Orange
Fail-Safe Fire Starting Solution
Was: £12.99
Now: £9.09

1-32 of 32