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Wakeboard Bags

There is little logic in heading out and dropping possibly hundreds of pounds on some outstanding gear then just carrying it around like a plank of wood in your car, a plane or a bus. So whether you're planning a trip to a foreign destination, to your local river or lake, or you just want something to protect the board's artwork while it's at home, we have you covered. Some also feature extra space to carry not only your board but bindings, lines and even an impact vest or wetsuit.
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Mystic Matrix Board Bag - 160cm
Adjustable Waist Cord
Liquid Force Edge Board Bag - Medium
Protective Padded Base

Jobe Basic Board Bag - Black
Heavy Duty Polyester Fabric
Was: £34.99
Now: £27.99
Hyperlite Essential Board Bag - Red
Was: £48.99
Now: £43.99
Mystic Star Single Kite/Wake Board Bag - 135cm
With Wheels
Was: £37.99
Now: £29.99
O'Brien Contoured Slalom Case Board Bag - 70 inch
Fully Padded
Was: £44.99
Now: £35.99

Hyperlite Essential Board Bag - BLU
Was: £48.99
Now: £43.99
Dakine Club Wagon Kite Board Bag - 140cm
Heavy Duty Handles
Was: £104.99
Now: £62.99
Hyperlite Producer Board Bag - Black
Padded Shoulder Strap
Was: £88.99
Now: £70.99
Mystic Gear Box Deluxe Board Bag - 140cm
Adjustable Waist Cord
Was: £149.99
Now: £104.99

Ronix Collateral Board Bag - -
Padded Should Strap
Was: £48.99
Now: £38.99

1-13 of 13