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Wakeboard Packages - save up to 35% off RRP with a package deal!

Getting a new board and bindings to go with it can be a fairly expensive business so we've put together several wakeboard packages that will help you make a choice about your new gear and hopefully save you some cash as well. We've paired up boards and bindings suited to a similar level of ability, size and price so you can easily compare and contrast each of them. When you're starting out on your boarding career, you need all the help you can get trying to get to grips with the language used to describe the different technical features of hardware. With these great, cost-effective sets, you will find the work half done for you already as each board has a pair of bindings that closely complement its unique features.
Jobe Jinx Wakeboard + Sandal Wakeboard Binding - 128cm
Includes Board Bag, Handle & Line
Jobe Jinx Wakeboard + Junior Wakeboard Binding - 112cm
Includes Board Bag, Handle & Line
Was: $361.08
Now: $288.86
Save 20%

Hyperlite Syn Wakeboard + Syn Open Toe Wakeboard Binding - 137cm
UK 7-10
Separates: $398.75
Deal: $353.17
Save 11%