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Weird Fish Clothing and Accessories

It all started with a quirky photograph found in a Cornwall pub that soon rocketed into a much-loved national brand. Yep, it’s Weird Fish clothing and accessories. Founder Doug Tilling has merged the surf, sail and ski lifestyle to create a unique collection with fans across the whole spectrum. Old and young alike embrace the brand’s carefree ethos, making this fantastic range a real hit. Whether you’re a beach lover looking for the perfect casual tee or a would-be wilderness wanderer that needs stylishly practical outerwear, there really is something for everyone. Form an orderly queue

Weird Fish Stripe Beach Shorts - Baby Blue
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12
Weird Fish Ramon Graphic T-Shirt - Estate Blue
Sizes in Stock: 5-6|7-8|11-12

Weird Fish Bass To The Future T-Shirt - Estate Blue
Sizes in Stock: 5-6|7-8|9-10|11-12|13-14
Weird Fish Regular Cargo Shorts - Dusky Green
Sizes in Stock: 30"|34"|36"

Weird Fish Utility Skirt - Khaki
Sizes in Stock: 10|12|14

Weird Fish Striped Belt - Cloud Blue
Sizes in Stock: S/M
Weird Fish Grayling Zipped Sweatshirt - Ecru
Macaroni Knit
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14

Weird Fish Char Face T-Shirt - Dark Grey
Sizes in Stock: S|M|L
Weird Fish Printed Ruffle Tea Dress - Mood Indigo
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14|16|18
Weird Fish Print Slub Tunic Top - Frost Grey
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14|16

Weird Fish Jarse Knitwear - Pale Grey
Sizes in Stock: M|L|XXL
Weird Fish Nete Cardigan - Charcoal
Sizes in Stock: 14

Weird Fish Gamelia Fleece - Cream
Sizes in Stock: 8|14
Weird Fish Full Zip Macaroni Fleece - Mood Indigo
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14|16
Weird Fish Slub Yarn Knit Jumper - Khaki
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12

Weird Fish Print Jersey Vest Top - Dusted Violet
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14