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Womens Snow Gear

If you are looking for women’s snow gear from all the top brands in ski and snowboarding, you have come to the right place. We’re slope-crazed here at Surfdome so you can be assured that our ranges of products are absolutely top notch. We’ve selected our season’s lines based on the technical aspects that will keep you warm and dry, and also how great they’ll make you look whether you’re on a graceful carving line or enjoying the après ski in the sunshine.
Hunter Welly Socks - Red
Sizes in Stock: M|XL
Hunter Welly Socks - New Charcoal
Sizes in Stock: M
Roxy Run It Back Socks - Bright White
Sizes in Stock: S/M|M/L

Scene Rasta Snow Socks - Multicolour
Sizes in Stock: S/M
Scene Shark Socks - Grey/White
Sizes in Stock: S/M

The North Face Shellista Lace Boots - Shiny TNF Black
Waterproof, Insulated
Sizes in Stock: 3|4|5|6|8
Roxy Run It Back Socks - Diva Pink
Sizes in Stock: S/M|M/L

Volcom Logic Snow Pants - Burgundy
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14
Roxy Jet Ski Solid Jk Snow Jacket - Anthracite
Sizes in Stock: 8|10|12|14

Volcom Logic Snow Pants - Island Green
Sizes in Stock: 10|12
Surfdome Symbol Snow Jacket - White
Sizes in Stock: 6|8|10|12|14|16
Roxy Popi Snowboard Gloves - Anthracite
Sizes in Stock: S|M|L|XL

Sorel Scotia Lace Boots - Dark Brown
Sizes in Stock: 4|5|8
Scene Alpine Jumper Socks - Red/white/blue
Sizes in Stock: S/M|L/XL

Moon Boot Nylon Boots - Black
Sizes in Stock: 2.5-5

Barts Basic Socks - Black And Fuchsia
2 Pack
Sizes in Stock: S|M|L

Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag - Sportsman
Sizes in Stock: 175cm|190cm
Moving Comfort Workout Bikini Underwear - Black
Smooth, Moisture Wicking
Sizes in Stock: 6|12
Burton Wheelie Gig Bag Snowboard Bag - Real Red Tarp
Sizes in Stock: 146cm|156cm|166cm