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The Women's Rewind snowboard is an all mountain/ park board. Overall its soft and playful, giving you tons of pop. The profile on the Rewind is a mellow camber into a flat with an early rise in the nose and tail. The camber means that you have more stability at high speeds and better edge hold. Whilst the flat into early rise means that you have lots of pop in the nose and the nail, plus extra lift when you're in the deep snow. As a true twin shape, you have complete freedom with this board. You can ride switch and the board will still respond to your movement and the terrain the same a regular. The Rewind uses an off-axis squeezebox low, this is a varied thickness in the board. The board is thicker just outside the bindings, as this is stiffer you have more direct energy to the tip and tail. Finally, if you want speed the rewind has you covered. It uses a sintered base, this adds durability and absorbs wax well to keep you gliding over the snow for longer.

  • Terrain: 7 out of 10 All mountain board
  • Snowboard ability: Intermediate to expert
  • Flex: Soft and playful twin flex
  • Shape: True twin
  • Profile: PurePop Camber
  • Construction:
  • Core: Super Fly 800G Core
  • Dualzone EGD
  • Off Axis Squeezebox
  • Pro-Tip on the nose and tail
  • Fiberglass: Womens specific Triax Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beam
  • Base: Sintered base
  • Edges: Off-Axis Frostbite Edges
  • Infinite ride
  • Super Sap Epoxy
  • Mounting: Channel mount system

Soft Twin flex: Sitting at the most flexible end of the scale, this board is super forgiving. Perfect for beginners who are learning turns or a more experienced boarder who is pushing themselves to learn new tricks and skills.

True Twin shape: You can ride this board regular, or switch and it will behave and respond the same.

PurePop Camber: This profile is made up of camber between your bindings, out to a flat with an early rise in the nose and tail. This blend gives the board lots of pop and a lively feeling underfoot.

Super Fly 800 Core: Using dual species of wood strips, alternate soft and hard wood strips load the core up with pop and performance whilst keeping the weight to a minimum

Dualzone EGD: Engineered wood grain sits perpendicular to the wood core, placed along the edges to increase response, durability, and edge hold.

Off-Axis Squeezebox:Squeezebox is made up of varied thickness in the core. This board has thicker sections outside of the bindings which makes a more direct energy transfer to your nose and tail.

Pro-Tip: Pro-tip on the nose and tail is slightly tapered to reduce swing, making it easier to move on the snow and in the air.

Triax Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beam: Women’s specific fiberglass sits on either side of the core to increase the response whilst retaining torsional flex, plus carbon sits under the core adding pop and snap without weight

Sintered base: High density sintered base is super tough and retains wax well to increase glide over the snow, so you can wave goodbye to your mates skating along the flats.

Off-Axis Frostbite Edges: Frostbite edges extend beneath your bindings giving you superb edge to edge hold on hardpack and ice conditions.

Infinite Ride: This board has been through Burtons Infinite Ride process, which is when the board is compressed and broken in by a machine. This gives you a consistent flexible feel from the first run of the day.

Channel Board Mount: This mounting system allows you to adjust the bindings to the perfect stance. Most major bindings are compatible with this system


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Snowboard Profile Camber
Snowboard Shape Twin
Snowboard Type All Mountain

Product Sizing Chart

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141 cm
146 cm
149 cm
152 cm

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