Men's Scarves

Men 's scarves are not only a fantastic way to keep warm; they can also be a great addition to any outfit. Even on the hottest days some men like a good neck piece to ensure that their dapper personality always comes across. We salute those gents and anyone else who understands the importance of some quality neck embellishment, which is why we have large collection here from a top range of brands. From snoods to neck gaiters, you will be sure to find a style to suit your needs and wardrobe.

  1. Barbour Yaxley Scarf - Seaweed Tartan,compress&cs=srgb&fit=fill&fill=solid


    Barbour Yaxley Scarf - Seaweed Tartan

    £19.95 £29.95 (Save 33%)
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  2. Barbour Gloves and Tartan Mens Scarf - Modern Grey,compress&cs=srgb&fit=fill&fill=solid


    Barbour Gloves and Tartan Mens Scarf - Modern Grey

    £35.95 £49.95 (Save 28%)
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  3. Rab Filament Neck Gaiter - Black,compress&cs=srgb&fit=fill&fill=solid


    Rab Filament Neck Gaiter - Black

    £13.95 £15.00 (Save 7%)
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  4. PAG Neck Pro Neck Gaiter - Full Blu Grid Fleece,compress&cs=srgb&fit=fill&fill=solid


    PAG Neck Pro Neck Gaiter - Full Blu Grid Fleece

    £20.95 £25.99 (Save 19%)
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