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Ocean and Earth Kanoa Igarashi Signature 3 Piece Grip Pad


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Item code: 231482

  • Number of pieces: Three
  • Length: 305mm
  • Width: 298mm
  • Arch: 7mm
  • Kick: 30mm
  • Groove: Square diamond, plus slotted crosswise grooves
  • Construction: "CC55" closed-cell EVA, with 4A high-grade adhesive backing
Another stylish high-performance tail pad by Ocean & Earth, Kanoa Igarashi’s signature grip comes in a three-piece design with slotted grooves running crosswise on each piece. Designed with a standard shortboard in mind, it’s still fine for a stubbier hybrid shape, and the three separate pieces can be spaced apart to fit a wider tail block.

Excellent grip and comfort is provided by Ocean & Earth’s unique closed-cell EVA formula, which is water-resistant, UV-stabilised, and thin enough to retain a responsive, connected feel. The 7mm arch is fairly standard, the 30mm kick just a touch bigger than average; both will provide useful reference points for positioning, and give your foot something to push against whilst helping keep it in the place. The 4A high-grade adhesive backing means this tail pad won’t come unstuck prematurely, and Kanoa’s custom square-diamond groove pattern means that neither will you.

Grip Pad Type Three Piece

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