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Sharp Eye Holy Toledo HT2 Thruster FCS II Surfboard


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  • Construction: PU/PE (polyurethane foam blank glassed with polyethylene resin i.e. standard construction), plus carbon strips on the rails at the tail.
  • Concave: Single concave throughout the board, getting pretty aggressive towards the back half and through the fins
  • Rocker: Moderate entry rocker with a flat mid section and low kick out the tail
  • Tail: Squash
  • Fin System: FCS II
  • Fin Set-Up: Tri-fin
  • Rider Ability: Intermediate to advanced. It's actually pretty forgiving, despite Toledo and Sharp Eye's "high-performance" reputation – all the feedback we've been getting suggests this board goes amazingly for intermediates as well as for rippers.
  • Suitable conditions: 2-6ft. It's not an all-out groveller (unless you're Filipe Toledo), and it wasn't designed with giant barrels in mind either. Still, it goes well in weaker conditions and is able to handle some pretty solid surf. 80% of the time this will be just the board for the job.

A more versatile, small-wave friendly version of the original Holy Toledo, the HT2 is pretty much everything you want in a high-performance shortboard. It’s been designed in collaboration with Filipe Toledo, who’s everything you could want in a high-performance surfer – particularly in average waves under 6ft, which is where this board will thrive, and where most of us surf most of the time.

Crucially, though, you don't have to be Filipe Toledo to surf it. The dimensions we stock are friendlier than those ridden by Filipe, and tailored to the everyman. The shaper, who tends to fly under the radar, is Marcio Zouvi. He founded Sharp Eye Surfboards in San Diego over 25 years ago, and seems to have the magic touch right now.

What's changed from the original Holy Toledo? The rocker’s been relaxed slightly, the tail widened, the rails made fuller for more forgiving performance, especially in weaker surf when it’s easy to bog a rail and the slightest misstep can kill all your speed. There’s still quite a lot of lift in the nose rocker, which together with the deep single concave is typical of Zouvi’s boards, and the secret to their crazy acceleration and speed.

We asked him what made his surfboards go so fast and he said: “I like boards with a fair amount of nose rocker, […] versus the concept of the past that a fish with really low entry rocker would be the fastest. Not necessarily – depending on the outline it could have more of a catchy effect, and sometimes the continuous long nose rocker allows the plane shape to really run fast.” So don't be put off by the rocker – it's compensated for by the rest of the design, and in weaker surf will actually help you generate speed, surf top to bottom, etc.

The HT2’s not a full-on groveller, and will go best once the surf gets up to around waist-high and over. Then it'll start to fly. Anything that isn’t tiny and isn’t massive, basically. Whether you’re cycling to the beach or heading overseas, if you’ve only got space for one board, the HT2’s a safe bet. To be ridden as long as you are tall.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'818 1/2"2 3/8"24.8
5'1019"2 1/2"27.7
5'1119 1/4"2 1/2"28.6
6'019 1/2"2 9/16"30.3
6'219 1/2"2 5/8"31.3
6'419 3/4"2 11/16"34.6

Fin Set Up Thruster
Surfboard Construction PU
Surfboard Tail Shape Squash
Surfboard Types Shortboards

Product Sizing Chart

Height (Feet)

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