FCS: Choosing a Quad Set

FCS gives you the freedom to choose from our extensive range of quad sets, or you can add rear fins to your existing thruster side fins and customize your own quad set up. Use the following information to narrow your search and help determine which quad set or rear fin will ultimately work for you and your board.

STEP 1: Rear Fin Position

Checking your rear fin position allows you to pick the correct quad set or rear fin that will suit your board.

STEP 2: Rear Fin Size

The size of the rear fin will have a major influence on the pivot and hold characteristic of your board.

STEP 3: Rear Fin Foils

Choose a foil that best suits your rear fin position and the desired performance you want to achieve.

Flat: Mimics the performance of a regular side fin, offering fast transitions between turns, quick release and added hold on rail. (Ideal for boards with a wider tail; performance shortboards; and boards with rear fins positioned close to the rail)

70/30 or 80/20: Combines the performance of a centre and side fin, offering increased speed, smooth rail-to-rail transitions and a consistent feel in a variety of conditions. (Ideal for all board types and rear fin placements)

50/50: Mimics the performance of a regular centre fin offering increased pivot with the added advantage of stability and control. (Ideal for all board types and rear fins positioned closer to the stringer)

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