10 Of the Best Things about Surfing

10 Of the Best Things about Surfing

It’s not like we need to explain why surfing’s awesome; it’s already blatantly obvious. But anyway, here’s a buzzfeed bodge job of some things we love about surfing.
(This WAS meant to be the 12 best things about surfing, but as our patience with Photoshop slowly diminished, we decided to call it a day at 10)
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Let’s face it…You do become a little bit cooler:

You get to spend a lot of time in nature:

It never gets boring:

No questions on how you spend your free time:

You develop super strong shoulders:

Even when you fail, it’s still fun:

You can surf for the best part of your life:

It’s totally acceptable to pee yourself:

You’ll travel to some amazing places:

It’s quite simply the best feeling ever:


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