12 Of the Worst Things about Surfing

12 Of the Worst Things about Surfing

It’s not all barrels, exotic beaches and post surf beers. And by no means is this a be all and end all list of the worst things about surfing. We thought we’d just jump on the Buzzfeed bandwagon and gif out some of the gripes we have with the sport we love.
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Long and challenging paddle outs:

The overwhelming pain when you can’t go and surf:

And that things like longboarding won’t ever fill the void:

Being at the end of cliché remarks:

Getting dropped in on/dropping in:

Dealing with a smelly wetsuit when you forgot to rinse it:

The troublesome task of taking off your wetsuit:

The fact there’ll always be lots of surfers better than you:

Angry locals:

Spending too much time checking surf reports:

Rocks (and flippers):

Runaway longboards:


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