5 of the Best GoPro Skate Videos

5 of the Best GoPro Skate Videos

Gone are the days when your filmmaker friend would present you with shoddy footage of your finest skating achievements. Since GoPro graced the market even the most amateur attempts look like the work of Spielberg. So to pay homage to those little boxes that brought the adrenaline fueled world of action sports up close and personal with our peepers, we’re indulging in some of our favourite ever GoPro skate videos.
Shredding New York with Sheckler…and using every single GoPro in NY by the looks of it:

Pretty sure they need a driving licence for this:

Still holding out for an invite from Bucky:

Awards for hitchin’ a ride the unconventional way and helmet creativity at the end:

Clearly the king of GoPro skating, this guy again…(cool tee):

More from Surfdome:

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