5 best women’s summer wetsuits 2019

5 best women’s summer wetsuits 2019

women's summer wetsuits

A good summer wetsuit is an essential part of any surfer’s armoury. Definitions of exactly what a summer wetsuit entails don’t always agree, but for now we’re talking about 3/2mm full suits – the type of wetsuit that, here in the UK and in much of Europe, you’re likely to be wearing throughout the summer.

The full suit part is easy enough, while 3/2 refers to the thickness of the neoprene – 3mm through the body and thighs; 2mm through the sleeves and lower legs. As a general rule of thumb you’ll be reaching for your 3/2 when the water gets to round about the 14°C mark, and it’s still a suitable option even in waters as warm as 18 or 19°C.

We’ve picked out five of our favourites women’s summer wetsuits to help you navigate your way through a crowded market. Think of this as a representative cross-section of 2019’s finest summer rubber, taking into account warmth, flex, style, value and sustainability. Whatever your priority, you should find something there for you.

SisstrEvolution 7 Seas Stripe

And the award for 2019’s best-looking summer wetsuit goes to… the 7 Seas Stripe. SisstrEvolution is a women’s only brand and is fairly new on the scene. These are premium-quality wetsuits, using the same technology and materials used by Vissla. They also share Vissla’s minimalist approach to design, placing a premium on subtlety and sophistication.

All the SISSTR wetsuits look fantastic but the Stripe is the pick of the lot – all black except for the single yellow and pink stripes down the flanks. Many surfers still prefer a back zip on their wetsuits and find it more practical; it’s also more in keeping with this suit’s classically understated design.

The 7 Seas picks up some eco points for the Dope Dyed fabric used in the jersey lining and in the taping on the seams – it’s made in Bluesign-approved mills, and saves on water and energy. Scrap tyres have meanwhile been incorporated into the neoprene.

women's summer wetsuits
Roxy 3/2 POP Surf Chest-Zip

Roxy’s POP Surf wetsuits have style in abundance, and the good vibes are almost palpable – hardly surprising for a collection championed by Stephanie Gilmore, owner of the best style and biggest smile in surfing. But there’s more going on here than meets the eye. This 3/2 full suit also stands out for its commitment to sustainable construction – it contains 25 recycled plastic bottles and zero solvents. It also saves 104 litres of water per kilo of fabric.

One recent Instagram post shows the 7-time world champion Ms Gilmore wearing this exact wetsuit during a free surf at Bells Beach. She executes a series of inch-perfect turns, attacking the Bowl with a grace and delicacy that take your breath away. Meanwhile, Nina Simone rips into “Funkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter”. And if that doesn’t make you want to go out and buy this wetsuit then you should probably check your pulse.


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Rip Curl G-Bomb
If you’re after maximum performance, unrivalled freedom of movement and top-of-the-range insulation, the G-Bomb by Rip Curl will give you everything ever wanted or hoped for in a wetsuit and more. The E6 neoprene is – yep, you guessed it – extremely stretchy and extremely warm, enhanced by lightweight thermal lining on the inside.
Never had a zipperless wetsuit? It’s a game-changer: with neoprene this supple it’s easy to use and makes for a comfier fit and more effective wetsuit.
You’ll have to venture into a slightly higher price bracket, but it’s worth every penny. The G-Bomb is a beautifully made wetsuit, and with no colour or detailing except for the old-school Rip Curl Wetsuits logo on the left breast and the discreet leaf print on the left sleeve, it’s also a refined, elegant option.
women's summer wetsuits
Xcel Comp
With the brilliant Comp series, Xcel has stripped down their wetsuits to the essentials, getting rid of any bulky, unnecessary add-ons and leaving customers with a more streamlined and focussed wetsuit. Impeccably designed and well made, the 3/2 Comp is lightweight, hassle-free, easy to put on and take off – but will still keep you sufficiently warm in water in the 13°C-plus range. Complete with thermal lining insulating the body and solid seam construction preventing water entry.
It’s a great mid-range option and perfect for summer, in that it allows you to make the most of the warmer water instead of weighing you down with the kind of technology that belongs in a heavier-duty cold-water wetsuit.
women's summer wetsuits
C-Skins Surflite
Those who are starting out on their surfing journey, or just looking to splash around at the beach this summer, may be looking for something more affordable. The Surflite by C-Skins offers unbeatable value for money, the overall feel and quality suggesting a much heftier price tag.
Made from high-stretch neoprene, it features the kind of technology found on many far more expensive wetsuits: glued and blindstitched seams, smooth skin collar to reduce chafing around the neck, ergonomic seam placement to aid paddling and movement, the list goes on. The traditional back-zip entry is easy to use and perfect for beginners.
women's summer wetsuits
Feel free to also check out the full range of women’s wetsuit from the best brands or to read through our wetsuit buying guide.
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