5 Skateboards For Beginners

5 Skateboards For Beginners

New to skating? Or just ready to give back your mates board and buy your own? Knowing what to look for when you’re buying your first skateboard can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many options out there – complete, custom, cruiser, longboard – with numerous shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. The one that is right for you really depends on personal preference. So where to start?

Park or Street?

Once you’ve determined which kind of setup you want, the next step is to find a complete that fits your riding type. Completes are great for beginners as they give you everything you need to get started without overcomplicating things by setting up a skateboard from scratch.

Size Matters

Depending on where and what you like to skate will influence the skateboard size that will work best for you (generally speaking!). If you’re mainly skating street, something 7 “5 to 8″ wide will do the trick. Whereas if you’re skating parks and riding pools, then starting at 8″ or larger is common. If you’re not entirely sure what you like or where you’d like to skate, we recommend starting with something around 8″ wide and 30” long for the most adaptable approach. 

Santa Cruz Classic Dot Complete Skateboard

With high-quality components and a classic Santa Cruz graphic, this board is an excellent first for any skateboarder. Lightweight, super-strong 7-ply birch construction, durable wheels and strong, lightweight cast-aluminum trucks provide a smooth ride. Featuring new wider shapes for easy foot placement, and shorter wheelbases for easy turning, the Classic Dot makes buying a new complete straightforward for any age or gender. Available in different lengths

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete 7.75″ Skateboard

This board is specifically designed for smaller, younger skaters with easy turning and maximum performance. With 7 ply hardrock maple, carbon steel speed bearings and softer brushing for easier turning, the custom concave shape of the Whitey Panda gives more control, ideal for beginners. Its improved wheel formula for park and street also gives you plenty of scope to see what you like to skate.

Impala Cosmos Complete Skateboard

Made from high-quality components and 7 layers of resin hard rock maple, this 8″25 pastel pink rig brings lots of pop and a bit of colour to your riding. At home on all terrains, this skateboard’s classic shape and medium concave profile will give you a stable ride in the streets, in the park or on the ramps. Constructed with women in mind, this skateboard is ideal for women shoe sizes 5-11 US. Featuring 5.5″ Tensor Alloy trucks and all-terrain street wheels, its components are as pleasing as its design. Glitter grip tape – hello.

Alien Workshop Spectrum White Complete Skateboard

Available in two sizes 7″75 and 8″, this complete skateboard is constructed with classic 7ply Canadian hard rock maple, AWS trucks, bearings and soft brushing for easy turning. Its flippable deck size is perfect for smaller-footed riders or those looking to get their more technical tricks down. A great first board.

Element 8″ Cozumel Complete Skateboard

With 52mm wheels, 5.25″ raw polished Element trucks, 7/8″ Hex bolts and ABEC 5 bearings, the components of this board speak for themselves. The 95a wheels will give you a smoother roll over rough terrain and more room for error when learning tricks at the skatepark. Element’s Cozumel complete is a great starting point for any skateboarder wanting to try it all: park, ramps or street. 

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