6 clothing trends for Autumn 2019

Autumn trends 2019
Here it is… Autumn! After a nice and long summer, Autumn showed its face on the 23rd of September, and temperatures have already started to drop. To the joy of the lucky owners of backyards, vegetable gardens, and other lawns patch, the rain has returned, bringing with her the hope of a snowy winter so we can all have our share of fun on the slope this winter… But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Autumn means a new season and the need to layer up… It means that a new collection is out! The following are some of our favourites clothing trends for autumn 2019.
Autumn trends 2019: Retro Autumn trends 2019: Bold & Loud
Retro – This Autumn we are throwing it back, to bring you a range of retro-inspired clothing for the modern-day men and women. Retro garms are undeniable comfortable thanks to the looser fit whilst being daring in colour and print. The bigger the clash the better. If you’re heading to the big outdoors, retro style clothing has a heritage vibe created through classic cuts and traditional design. You can get a retro/ 90s style from head to toe in our current Autumn range.
Bold and loud – In this collection, the clothes really do speak for themselves. Look no further if you want to stand out from the crowds on the streets, at the beach or on the mountains. Tone key pieces down by pairing them with plain and simple garments or be bold and go for the clash. This collection is made up of some of our favourite brands from both street fashion and technical outdoors wear. Just because the weather is turning grey, doesn’t mean your clothes have to.
Clothing trend: Oh my cord Clothing trends 2019: Golden Glow
Oh My Cord – Nothing screams Autumn more than a bit of cord in your wardrobe. It looks good, it feels great and it is a trend which is going to be around for quite some time. Naturally, cord is slightly thicker and more durable making it a great option for trousers, jackets and shirts. The heavier fabric means it hangs well and retains its shape wear after wear. Cord can turn a plain-looking piece of clothing into something special with texture and style. Make a statement with your street style this Autumn by adding some cord.
Golden Glow – Gold has always been a great choice for an Autumn outfit, and this year is no exception. For this trend, it is not only about the look, but to carry on summer warmth and glow into cooler months… It is the ultimate colour trend this year and most brands used it in their collections.
Jackets Hoodies
Jackets – The best thing about Autumn is the search for a new jacket. Adding that extra layer helps to keep you warm and dry in the colder months, getting ready for the winter weather. Our insulation levels vary in every jacket to suit your need, made with either down or synthetics. If you enjoy the outdoors in Autumn whatever the weather, look out for jackets with water-resistant fabric to keep you dry and comfortable all day.
Hoodies – Whether your outside or inside, a staple hoody is a must-have for Autumn. Layer under a jacket, lounge around the house or update your street style. This collection of hoodies for men and women are made up of pullovers and zipped hoodies to suit your preference. The looser fit in the body keeps you feeling comfortable throughout the day, ready for your Autumn adventures.
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