60 Minutes in a Skateboarder's Life

Everyone has felt the frustration of trying to perfect their art.
Like trying to master a riff that sounds so butchered by the end of your session that people stop to ask if you were trained by Sweeney Todd.
Or writing an essay that refuses to vacate your head long enough to make its way onto paper, which would be utterly blank if it wasn’t for the faint traces of your blood, sweat and tears.
The list is endless, but the curveballs that these trials throw at you makes victory all the sweeter. This is why 60 Minutes in a Skateboarder’s Life can be seen on a commentary not just on the topic of its title, but on the process of overcoming in general.
Sebastian Linda filmed the video to coincide with his piece for Humbug magazine, discovering what skateboarders do within an hour of trying to master a single trick. Artfully shot teaming Erik Gross’ boarding skills with the rapid passing of time, it’s hard not to be enthralled by the emotion of the piece.
The film, in less than 3 minutes, provides a refreshing look at the effort and painstaking repetition it takes for the stellar execution we’ve all become accustomed to. Whether we’re watching televised montages or browsing through the ebullient stills of countless magazines, we rarely see the gruelling work behind those stunning moments.
From preparation through to the victorious freeze frame at the end, we are right there with Erik, sympathising with his plight and cheering him when he finally pulls it off.
Check out the video for yourself below:

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