Protect Our Winters two clicks to action!

Protect Our Winters two clicks to action!

Click 1: Join Protect Our Winters – HERE By joining POW, you will be joining the huge community of diehards, professional athletes and industry brands mobilising the outdoor sports community to lead the charge towards positive climate action in the UK.
Click 2: Switch to a renewable energy supplierHERE Join POW and Winter Alliance in their Big Clean Switch campaign to LOWER YOUR ENERGY BILLS and help tackle climate change in the process. There isn’t an easier way to switch out than with POW!


  1. Understand what we are up against – Get the facts and get informed – watch Before the Flood or Chasing Ice to understand the impact of environmentally irresponsible consumption and practices. (Spoilers – we’re in a bit of a pickle)
  1. Influence the money – What may sound like a daunting task is easier than you may think – and POW can help. Moving your money away from environmentally irresponsible companies sends a HUGE message to the industry and can be the catalyst for change. You can do this daily by supporting conscientious business. POW can offer assistance by detailing HOW you can use your pensions and investments to tackle climate change.
  1. Travel – When organising your next trip to the snow consider alternatives to flying or driving. Taking the train is WAY less carbon intensive than both flying and driving, while also being a way more chilled out start to your trip. Day to day, you’ve all heard the importance of reducing the amount you drive before, but it really is crucial! Hop on your bike, lift share, walk, skate, put a travel plan in place at your work – just get out of your car!

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  1. Your gear – Next time your gear is up for a renewal, consider purchasing only quality, environmentally friendly that won’t need updated as frequently. Support brands that have environmental credentials and have a repair options such as Patagonia or Planks – check out our range of sustainably focused gear HERE
  1. Get energy efficient – Now you’ve got some good quality gear you can turn that household thermostat down a degree or two! Additionally, look to make your home more energy efficient through insulation, energy efficient appliances, energy saving lightbulbs and MORE
  1. Change shopping habits – eat less meat (beef in particular) and look for locally sourced produce. The meat and dairy industries are huge carbon emitters, while sourcing locally substantially reduces your food’s carbon heavy air miles.

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Find out more about our Partnership with POW UK HERE

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