A Growing Partnership

A Growing Partnership

Working closely with Eden Reforestation Projects to restore and protect our natural landscapes

One of the key relationships we are hoping to build this coming year is with our friends over at Eden Reforestation Projects. They work closely with local communities to restore forests on a huge scale, with our recent tree planting scheme providing 665 hours of work through planting over 63k trees. By taking a people-led approach, they are able to create a number of jobs alongside protecting fragile ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change. Now that’s a model we can really get behind.

An introduction:

“Every day, working in some of the world’s most remote and politically unstable places, we overcome challenges with grit, relentlessness, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to our mission to plant trees and save lives.”

“Today, we operate in ten project nations, plant nearly a million trees per day, and maintain planting levels even when faced with civic unrest, extreme weather, wild animals, or other disruptions. As we restore the forest canopy, leaf litter, water, and wildlife return, and nature begins to heal. Meanwhile, communities that are facing extreme poverty are given new opportunities at economic self-sufficiency, improved health, and education.”


  1. Eden Reforestation Projects