A Land For Everyone – When Skateboarding Meets The Outdoors

A Land For Everyone – When Skateboarding Meets The Outdoors

Explorative skateboarding with a backdrop of the Scottish Highlands

A film by Rachel Sarah // Produced by Hannah Bailey // Supported by MPB @MPB.COM // For everyone.

‘A Land for Everyone’ follows skateboard and adventure photographer Hannah Bailey, and skateboarder Lyndsay McLaren as they explore the Scottish Highlands in this short film by Rachel Sarah.

Growing up in Scotland, Hannah and Lyndsay never thought it possible to carve a career out of skateboarding. However, this production is a reminder of why we never give up on dreams, with the pair showing us a glimpse into their respective journeys. Visiting topics such as respecting the great outdoors and showing how inclusive skateboarding can be for anybody who wants to get involved.

Credit: Hannah Bailey

In the film we see the women ‘revisit and reclaim’ areas of their youth as they explore the highlands and lowlands where they spent most of their childhood. Created to inspire, we learn that away from the cities lay undisturbed stretches of nature, winding roads and coastal paths with stunning views that present new areas to discover and skate.

Showcasing their love and passion for adventure and the outdoors, both Hannah and Lyndsay remind us that you don’t need to fit any type of mould to be a skateboarder or an outdoors person. They remove the stereotypical narrative and instead inspire people to see skateboarding as a medium that can be used for exploration and adventure.

Credit: Rach Ross

Skateboarding isn’t a one-size fits all type of activity. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or completely new to skating or you just love the idea of exploring the outdoors in a new way, you’ll find some inspiration from ‘A Land for Everyone’.

A brilliant film, ‘A Land for Everyone’ is a triumph and embraces what skateboarding has to offer, no matter your location.

Be sure to catch it at this year’s Kendal Mountain Festival.

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Credit: Hannah Bailey

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