Kayaking…the awesome and the ugly

The Awesome – Yeeeeeww!

The Ugly – Oooouch!

We do love kayaking and we realise we probably don’t talk about it enough. Charging down the white water, catching waves or just going for a relaxing paddle with a few brewskis is what makes it an attractive option. It’s a true all rounder, but the problem is there isn’t loads of riveting footage coming from the kayaking world week in week out. More often than not, the sport of kayaking floats past our content radar whilst we get distracted by other gnarly nonsense until this morning – when we struck gold.
It’s like the old bus cliché as two have come along at once but, we’re grateful for this entertaining footage. It’s an epic example of how fun kayaking is as well as reminding us how darn right brutal it can also be.

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