Back to School with Herschel

Back to School with Herschel

So you (or your spawn) are heading back to school, filled with a potent mix of excitement, trepidation, teenage angst, raging hormones, etc. A difficult time in life but also a beautiful one. Preparation, as schoolteachers throughout the ages have reiterated, is key.

Well, they’re right about this one, at least. And one sure way to be prepared is in the form of a reliable backpack containing books, homework, pack lunch and other school essentials. All neatly organised, everything in its right place.

If you are looking for a compact yet spacious backpack that won’t risk playground ridicule – and may even earn a few extra style points – there is one brand we would recommend above all others: Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. combines hardy construction with ergonomic design and a clean, retro-inspired aesthetic. Backed up by an equally impressive offering of accessories and paraphernalia, Herschel’s backpacks are a perfect match for the daily school grind. You will be ready for anything.

Arguably Canada’s sixth most important export (behind Leonard Cohen, maple syrup, canoes, lumberjacks, and Shania Twain), Herschel backpacks are designed against a backdrop of North American wilderness. Drawing inspiration from the traditions of mountaineering, trekking and frontiersmanship, the resultant product range is highly functional and adventure-ready, but also characterised by a classic sensibility hinting at bygone eras and simpler times.

Herschel, which takes its name from a very small Canadian frontier village in Saskatchewan, also makes pencil cases, bum bags, wallets, duffel bags and wash bags – everything you need for an action-packed itinerary of daily school rituals, school trips, and extra-curricular adventures.

Here are our top picks for back to school:

1) Classic Mini Backpack

2) Settlement Case | Statement

3) Classic Backpack

4) Settlement Case | Polka Dot

5) Heritage Backpack

6) Pop Quiz Lunch Box

7) Dawson Backpack

8) Settlement Case | Blazing Orange

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