Barrels, Wipeouts & "The Fear" – Video Round Up

Barrels, Wipeouts & "The Fear" – Video Round Up

Hawaii is in season and the surfing circus has now descended on the islands stellar waves. The result: a plethora of fresh surfing footage thundering across the internet. As you can imagine, this leads to a productivity halt at Surfdome HQ. We cannot help but indulge in the hench barrels and stunning scenery that is gifted to us at this special time of year. So to share a bit of the the stoke and to save you fluttering around the web, we’ve put together a round up of this week’s best edits from around the world so you can chow down on the good stuff in a few minutes flat.
JOB – Oh how we wish we could dominate Pipeline like you:

Nate Behl – Nice to e-meet you…Your surfing is spectacular and you are now well and truly on our surfdar:

Everything would scare us sh*tless if we attempted to take on winter on the North Shore…But here’s what niggles the pros:

And another one bites the dust! Wipeout montages will never get old:

Kelly Slater (pre broken tootsie) gliding through a Fijian chandelier:

More from Surfdome:

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