The Berrics and William Spencer

The last we heard on this blog of the vortex of inspirational skating that is William Spencer, was all the way back in March with this absurdly acrobatic and technically daring video. Since then he’s been cruising about, picking up skills and laying down some serious tricks all over the place. The Denver Shop have a real winner on their hands here and they know it.

However, this post is only half about Mr. Spencer. Being in the UK we are, unfortunately, removed from the big US skating scene and all that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic things happening over here and some truly epic skaters, but there’s just not the money or venues for the sport that the US have.
Though it is quite new, having only been in operation since 2007, the Berrics in LA have been the backdrop and the terrain for the most widely viewed series of skate videos out there. If you don’t know the Berrics, but you watch a lot of skate vids, then you will more than likely have seen the facility without realising it. The skate park’s site,, posts up new videos of elite skaters filmed at the facility several times per week and they are absolute crackers. The input and vision of the owners, skate heroes Steve Berra and Eric Koston, made the venue one of the most sought after places in the US to skate, which is where William Spencer comes back into the story.
This video was made at the Berrics.

Skating with a slackline as an obstacle, somersaults, two skateboards, mid air switching? Clearly a Spencer vid. This wouldn’t be special except for the fact that that facility is no longer there. The Berrics as was known and loved by legions of pros and online fans of the videos alike is no longer in use. About two months ago, the site started a series of blurred videos where you couldn’t make out the tricks or the skaters, though they were named. This odd happening escalated and then at the start of this month a message “RIP The Berrics (12/7/07–12/7/12)” was posted. Dissappointent all round for fans of the venue, the site and skate vids in general.
However, a day later, a video by the ledgendary Chad Muska was posted where he reveals he’s in a new Berrics venue. The release was followed by the release of the blurred videos, except no longer blurred. The new venue is filled with street inspired and other carefully crafted stunt opportunities and we can’t say enough how excited we are to see more of the results that come from letting the world’s best skaters loose in the new arena. That video above was William Spencer’s last shot at the old Berrics, but we’re waiting with bated breath for the magic he’ll pull out of the bag when he takes a crack at the new layout.
The new facility looks just epic. Check this recently released video for a taste of what’s to come.

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