Cruise Control: Top 13 skateboard picks for girls

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When it comes to skateboarding, girls can get overlooked. But with the likes of Alana Smith, Lois Pendlebury and Leticia Bufoni bringing some serious steeze to women’s skateboarding, the boys need to make way for a whole new wave of talent from the female ranks.

But you can’t put the skating world to rights without a ride to match. Hitting the park to grind rails, working on that ollie or taking a leisurely cruise; however you roll, we’ve picked the best skateboards, cruisers, and even a few decks if you’re looking for something even more personal to get you pushing in style. Get ready to crush it. You got this girl!



Not only do these decks sport some sick graphics, they also come from an iconic brand with team riders such as Corey Kennedy and Mike Caroll who tear it up with their super buttery style. Punchy colours and graphic prints vibing the pop art scene sums up its style, but Girl offer a huge variety of board graphics from a David Bowie skeleton to textural prints and Bauhaus style geometrics.

Left: Girl Ripped OG Kennedy complete skateboard. Right: Girl Tape complete skateboard.

Plan B

The Team Chaos set-up from Plan B comes with 95a wheels which offer a slightly (albeit not that noticeable) smoother ride than your normal set-up for street skating (you’ll probably still stack it on a piece of gravel or a twig so we’re not talking super soft here!).  This one’s for the chick who’s after a graphic that still packs a punch, but with more subtle colouring. We’re loving the simplicity of the three-colour graphic and two-tone all over geometric print. Customize with stickers or just watch it get scratched up as you kick turn and ollie your way through the streets.


Looking for a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to graphics? Always quirky but with primarily simple deck designs Enjoi is great for subtlety in styling. Whether you’re looking for rasta colourways, tie dye print or kittens amongst clouds and rainbows Enjoi have the decks to deliver. If you’re starting out the Whitey Panda set-up is perfect. Made from Canadian maple, it not only looks awesome but will make for some great sessions on the mini ramp.


If you’re a magpie for metallics you’ll love the gold wheels and giraffe print of the Graphic Bantam. With a deck length of 23 inches and 78a durometer wheels, it’s a petite board but a nimble cruiser if you’re looking to get from A to B. If you’re style is less gold, more beach babe, take a trip to the tropics with the Paradise Fiberglass. With a slightly longer deck length at 26 inches and fiberglass on the top and bottom of the bamboo deck, it’s still small and super lightweight. Both feature pintail deck shapes, jazzy designs and super soft wheels making them great for cruising. So take your pick and get on board for a cruise!


When it comes to cruisers, the Z-Flex Z-Beam breaks the mould – the features of a traditional board but with retro styling. We’re talking 97a wheels, a classic grip tape surface on the top of the deck and a traditional shaped board (similar to something Emile Hirsch shreds in Lords of Dogtown). And with exposed natural wood, laser etched logos and sanded wheel wells, the Z-Beam is subtly styled.
If you’re into street skating and looking for retro styling this board is for you. Alternatively, if you love it, but you want to benefit from full on cruising, there’s always the option to buy some softer wheels to alternate your ride, or check out other Z-Flex boards to find something that suits your ride style.


Now this is where we can get really girly; sugary shades, candy coloured hues and full on tropical prints are just a few of Penny’s colours and graphics for this season. These are great little cruisers because they’re tiny, their designs are playful and their wheels have a soft 83a durometer meaning you’ll be cruising from smooth beach promenades to residential crazy paving conquering any rogue pieces of gravel and twigs along the way.
Penny do offer longer boards so it’s personal preference as to what you prefer to ride. The smaller ones are lightweight and easier to use if you’re a little more petite (and have good balance!), but the longer one’s are better if you’re starting out and having trouble grasping balance.


If you’ve been skating a while and it’s time to hang your beginner board up on the wall, it might be time try your hand at building your own board. Although you’ll need to buy all the parts separately, there’s so much choice that you’ll have something that not only looks rad but is also unique to your ride style – it’s worth it!
And the best bit? There’re loads of decks to choose from so whether your vibe is rasta animal print, pop art style graphics or a pug riding a hot dog, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Top: Blind Athletic Skin V2 skateboard deck. Bottom left: Enjoi Snack Surfers Carlin skateboard deck. Bottom right: Girl Carroll Starstruck skateboard deck.

Don’t know your wheels from your trucks? Or the durometer from the diameter? No worries, check out our Skateboards Buying Guide and get to grips with skateboard construction.

Blog updated: 08/12/2015

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