Best Longboards for Beginners – How To Choose The Right One!

Best Longboards for Beginners – How To Choose The Right One!

If you’re thinking of getting into longboarding (and we really think you should), there are a number of factors that you must consider before you buy your first longboard skateboard. As most longboards are relatively beginner friendly anyway, thanks to their added width and length and their larger wheel and truck size, the main thing you need to consider is what you’ll be using your longboard for.
 Lucky for you, we’ve broken down your options into a handy list, so you can easily choose the optimum longboard beginner board that’s right for you.

Pintail Longboard

The pintail longboard is perfect for those that want to learn how to longboard thanks to its shape and size. Ideal for cruising around and learning to carve, most pintail longboards are designed to be longer in length (usually at least 36” and longer) which provides a sturdy base for those that are starting out. The wide trucks provide another element of stability and the larger wheels of pintail longboards will provide a smooth ride over any cracks, bumps and stones that might be on the pavement.
Surfdome recommends…

Arbor Fish Solstice 37″ Longboard

Length: 37″

Width: 8.375″”

Trucks: Paris Street 149mm Trucks

Wheels: Arbor Mosh 65mm 78a Wheels

Construction: 7 ply maple deck construction (wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply)

Drop-Through Longboard

The term ‘drop-through’ is in reference to the trucks (the metal component) and how they have been mounted to the deck. As you can see from the pintail longboard above, the deck is mounted on top of the trucks but with a drop-through longboard, the deck is mounted level with the trucks thanks to the cut-out feature.
With the deck being positioned nearer to the ground it will result in a lower centre of gravity and therefore better stability. Having the board closer to the pavement is nice for pushing and commuting because you don’t have to step as far down to push making for a much more comfortable cruising/commuting deck. The drop-through feature and often symmetrical shape of these boards means you can evolve your longboarding to include sliding as your skills improve.
Surfdome recommends…

Mindless Sanke II 39″ Longboard

Length: 39″

Width: 9.5″

Trucks: 7″ reverse kingpin

Wheels: Mindless Shifta 76mm

Construction: 7 ply maple deck construction

Sometimes referred to as either a drop down or drop platform longboard, this name refers to a longboard in which the main part of the deck (where you will stand) has been lowered to sit below the trucks. The lower centre of gravity provides even more stability making this another great option for beginners.
This type of board is also a great option for beginner longboarders who are looking to eventually get into freeride longboarding (riding downhill and pulling some hard turns and slides). Freeriding is the main purpose of the drop platform longboard and therefore this type of board will usually come with a stiffer construction to avoid speed wobbles and to allow for harsher manoeuvres.
Surfdome recommends…

Santa Cruz Other Dot 40 Inch Longboard

Length: 40″

Width: 10″

Trucks: Road Rider 180 longboard trucks

Wheels: Road Rider 72mm, 78a wheels

Bearings: Abec 3 Bearings

Construction: 9-ply Hard Rock Maple

Cruiser Longboard

Coming in at a shorter length, a cruiser longboard is designed to do just that…cruise around. Ideal for commuting due to their smaller size, they can be easily carried and stored, and the wide deck and soft wheels are forgiving when riding on uneven payments.
Surfdome recommends…

Dusters Bird Raven Cruiser

Length: 25″

Width: 7″

Trucks: Top-mounted Gold Slant 4.25 trucks

Wheels: 59mm 83a wheels

Bearings: ABEC 7 Dusters bearings

Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo longboards are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility, creating an almost ‘bouncy’ feel when being ridden. A bamboo longboard is perfect for cruising about due to its forgiving nature over cracks and stones and is easy to carry around thanks to its lightweight construction.
Bamboo is also considered an eco-friendly choice due to its renewability as a resource and its minimal effect on the environment.
Surfdome recommends…

Globe Byron Bay Medusa 43″ Bamboo Longboard

Length: 43″

Width: 9.5″

Wheelbase: 28.75″

Trucks: Slant 180mm Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Wheels: 70mm 78a wheels

Bearings: ABEC 7

Construction: Bamboo Wood construction

If you’re wanting a more in-depth explanation of the various longboards that are available to you then read our Longboard Buying Guide to learn more about your options (including trucks, wheels and riser pads).
Get cruising guys…because walking is so overrated!

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