Best podcasts to start 2021 with

Best podcasts to start 2021 with

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As a result of 2020, the majority of us have embraced the ‘home office’ life resulting in daily commuting being taken out of our routines. While many of us have gained an hour of sleep in the mornings, the new way of doing things has also taken away all that time we had to kill on the way to work. We’ve lost, in other words, the prime time for a podcast party.

To restore some of that ‘normality’ to your lives, we’ve compiled a list of the best surf/snow/skate podcasts to start off 2021 with.


Aint’ That Swell

Jed and Vaughan describe their podcast as the following, “Ain’t That Swell has been churning out degenerate, shambolic, straight talking, pisstaking, car park banter surf radio for over half a decade.”. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up to be fair. 

Listen to their first episode of 2021, “North Shore Folk Lore Edition” featuring WSL Commentator, Ronnie Blakey below.

Surf Splendor

Surf Splendor is a podcast with “conversations about surfing”. The first episode of 2021 is the second part in the series with surfboard shaper and builder, Jon LaLanne. Jon lets us in on “why he left Malibu, unpacks his career as a board builder and the design theory behind the Gemini, and how he personally implements his father’s legacy of health and wellness”.

The Grit!

The Grit starts the new year by “discussing the price tag for selling one’s hard-earned spot at Pipeline, that time Johnny Boy punched a woman, bidding a fond farewell to the WSL’s 2021 season, and Chas kisses surfing goodbye and embraces the pow.”

Listen to their 98th episode below.

Wavelength – It’s not the length Podcast

Wavelength’s (who celebrate their 40th birthday this year) very own Podcast, It’s not the length, is hosted by Paul Evans and Ben Mondy. The guys bring us the latest news and views from the world of surf in a “light-hearted, heavily opinionated” podcast.

In the latest episode, “EP 20 – Nazaré Gets Naughty”, the guys phone up Garrett McNamara to chat about when one of the biggest swells in recent memory hit Nazaré. On top of that, some other topics were covered, like “The curious appeal of Surf Ranch loggers. Are pro longboarders liars?”.

Confessions of a Surf Lady

The latest episode of the Confessions of a Surf Lady dates back to the very end of 2020, so technically, this isn’t a fresh start to 2021. However, we think a female perspective on surfing is always welcomed, which is why we’ve included the latest episode “Leaning into Vulnerability & Surfing Nude with Flick Palmateer” into our list.


The Bomb Hole

Hosts Chris Grenier and E-Stone drop a new episode every Wednesday on their snowboard podcast, the Bomb Hole. This podcast brought joy to the whole snowboard community during the difficult times of 2020, and we’re stoked that there’s no end in sight for the show.

Listen to their latest episode with Joe Sexton below.

FNRad Snowboarding Podcast

Running already for 6 seasons, the FNRad Snowboard Podcast, presented by Vans, brings us fresh interviews with snowboarders every Wednesday all the way into April.

“Steve Larosiliere is the man behind a nonprofit that takes underserved kids out snowboarding. Steve was chosen to attend an exclusive private high school as a teenager and it helped shape his life in many ways including making him acutely aware of the power of mentorship. After a trip to British Columbia from his home in New York, Steve dedicated his life to building a mentorship program focused on introducing kids to the boardsports culture. His book, LIFE, PURPOSE, SECRETS: 10 Ways to Find Meaning in Times of Uncertainty has a 5/5 rating on Goodreads and was published in September of 2020.”

Find the latest episode, “Hustling For Good” with special guest Steve Larosiliere below.

The Powell Movement

Mike Powell spent his career working in action sports athlete management thanks to his 18-year long career with K2 skis. On top of that, he’s done other bits and bobs whilst working in the industry, including hosting his weekly podcast.

In the latest episode, Mike sits down with legendary skier, Kim Reichhelm.

“Before people were talking about women in skiing, Kim Reichhelm was the women in skiing.  From racing on the US Ski Team to filming with Greg Stump, to creating the K2 women’s program, Kim has been ahead of her time and she’s done things in a way that only she can pull off.  On the podcast, we talk about losing toes, making the US Ski Team, getting kicked off the ski team, and becoming the first woman of extreme skiing.”

Tune into his latest episode below.

Next Level Skiing

Next Level Skiing is hosted by long-time ski journalist Jason Blevins who “talks to the sport’s luminaries and behind-the-scenes bosses about strategies and hacks for stepping your skiing up a notch.”

In the latest episode of the podcast, Jason sits down with Skylar Holgate of Silverton Mountain Guides out of Durango.

“Skylar and I talk about his experience as a racer turned big mountain snowboarder and how he passes on his expertise from a lifetime of advanced mountain experience.”

Totally Deep Podcast

If it’s backcountry talk you’re after, then Totally Deep is right up your street.

In the latest episode, Doug Stenclik and Randy Young of bring you the lowdown on the world of uphill and backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

“Gear, technique, fashion, jargon, guests, and assorted spray from folks who know how to earn it in the backcountry.”

Listen to it here.


All I Need skateboarding

A weekly podcast that talks skateboarding. Listen to their latest episode with Brandon Westgate, where American politics, Volcom trips, picking up people’s accents, and conventional farming are amongst the topics discussed.

The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

The Nine Club is “the show that has skaters talking.” Host Chris Roberts, and co-hosts Jeron Wilson and Kelly Hart, sit down with professional skateboarders, musicians, actors and artists that share a common passion for skateboarding.

Tune in to their latest episode with Brandon Turner, Hosea Peeters, Birdman Jr. below.


Drew Domkus and Aaron Monte put out new episodes weekly on their skateboarding podcast, Skatosis. With Drew growing up skateboarding in California in the ’70s and Aaron entering the skate scene in the early 2000s, creates an interesting dynamic in the team as the guys cover the local scene and current skateboarding content.

Listen to episode 184 #SkatosisXL, “Lots of SkaterXL talk as well as Godspeed, SLS Unsanctioned, Ace Pelka, DC’s F*** 2020, Aurelien Giraud and the Rockstar edit at Eliot Sloan’s.”, here.

Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

Mostly skateboarding is a podcast that discusses, Mostly Skateboarding.

“This week, Jason From Frozen In Carbonite Mike Munzenrider, and Patrick Kigongo, are joined by Pete from 4Ply Mag to talk about their new feature on the Quartersnacks Top Ten then we’ll cover the videos that came out over the holiday.”

Tune in to the latest episode below.

Talkin’ Schmit

Talkin’ Schmit is a podcast that revolves around skateboarding, music, reminiscing and more. In the latest episode, ‘The 2020 Poddy Awards’, the best laugh, gnarliest story, loosest trucks, MOTY, most listened to, and people’s choice, amongst other awards, are being handed out.


Looking Sideways

A few years back, Matt Barr, the man behind the Looking Sideways podcast, took it upon himself to create an action sports podcast. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, Matt seeks to dig a bit deeper into stories that may have slipped under the radar.

In the latest episode, Matt catches up with surfer Mikey February, the first non-white African to make the WSL tour. Tune in to episode 145 below.

The Monday M.A.S.S.

Chris Coté and Todd Richards host The Monday M.A.S.S., The Monday Action Sports Show, or what they like to call, “the World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast.”

In their latest episode, the guys get to talk to Pete Mel, who “just got the best and potentially biggest two waves at Mavericks in the last decade”. They also bring in Clay Kreiner, who talks about this new video part, “Delusional”.

On top of that, the boys discuss the second coming of Brandon Turner on Jenkem, the new Lords Of Dogtown TV series, STAB Surfers Of The Year, snow in Madrid, Spain, Max Parrot winning the first contest of the year and Zoi Sadowski-Synnott.

The Kyle Thiermann Show

Kyle Thiermann is a Patagonia Surf ambassador, producer, freelance journalist, and the host of The Kyle Thiermann Show podcast. He’s achieved a long list of things in his career, making him a very adequate host for a podcast with guests from different backgrounds.

Tune into his latest episode with Mark Healey (coach, author, speaker, Ironman triathlete), Ben Greenfield (professional big wave surfer and spearfisherman) and Chris Ryan (author of Sex At Dawn and host of the podcast Tangentially Speaking) below.

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