Three of the Best Waves Surfed at Cloudbreak

When setting out to write this post, we assumed selecting three of the best Cloudbreak rides would be a doddle. But thanks to Fiji’s flawless tubes, the task was way more complex than we first expected. We found ourselves swimming through a sea of surfing perfection with relentless, identical, machine-like barrels.
But in anticipation of the Fiji Pro, one of the most iconic events of the year, we did manage to appoint three rides that’ll do the job of helping you get your froth on.
1.Let’s start with the big one:

Here we have Reef McIntosh on a wave of a lifetime. This beast was born in the legendary swell that hit Fiji in 2012. A screaming backside barrel with a screaming comrade in the channel made this one of the most incredible waves we’ve ever seen.
2.And here’s Mr Slater (Big surprise…)

In this one, Slater is enroute to take his second consecutive win at the Volcom Fiji Pro. Cloudbreak dished up its perfect lefts and Kelly responded in kind with a perfect heat score in the quarters. The main man probably spent more time under the curtain on these waves than we have in our whole surfing careers. Mental.
3.Riding Shot Gun:

We’re not saying these are the best waves ever surfed at Cloudbreak (although they still are to die for), we just thought piggy backing Kalani Chapman rides brings a whole new perspective to this Cloudback chat. It certainly looks beautiful, perfect and inviting. But here you can see how fast, gnarly and technical the ride truly is. In other words, if you fancy tackling Cloudbreak make sure you bring your A game.
So let’s cross our fingers in hope of some classic Cloudbreak conditions next week. In the meantime, we’ll be hunting three of the worst wipe-outs at Cloudbreak for the next post. Suggestions are warmly welcomed in the comment box below.

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