Best Skateboard Helmets

Best Skateboard Helmets

The best skateboard helmets can make the difference between shredding your way to glory and the fast track to A&E. Nowadays people tend to be pretty savvy when it comes to their lifestyle and health, which is why it makes no sense to take chances when it comes to your safety. Your head, as the hub of your awesomeness, should be protected at all costs whatever activity you participate in. We’ve got models to suit your taste, budget and bonce size right here.


best skateboard helmets
Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: In-mold micro construction fuses a lightweight polycarbonate outer shell. Low profile with optimal protection
  • Liner: Impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Ventilation: Seven passive vents & internal venting system
  • Anti-fog: The helmet liner helps keep your goggles free from fogging by pushing warm air and moisture away from your goggles
  • Wind shield: Provides a gapless fit between goggles and helmet
  • Interior: One-piece removable and washable interior
  • Ear pads: Detachable, plush-lined ear pads and drop liner

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Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: Made with low-profile Zipmold® foam for enhanced strength-to-weight ratio
  • Liner: Zipmold® liquid foam injected liner for lightweight comfort
  • Ventilation: Seven vents and two size adjustability for a breathable, tailored fit
  • Visor: Flippable visor for sun protection
  • Lightweight Design: A feather-light construction weighing only 0.33 kg


  • Shell: Injection moulded ABS hard plastic shell for impact protection
  • Versatility: Ideal for cycling, BMXing, skating and skateboarding
  • Ventilation: Eleven air vents at the top keep the head cool
  • Tailored Fit: Adjustable straps with a quick and easy release buckle
  • Comfort: Inner shell is lightweight and features foam pads for comfort and a snug fit
  • Design: Safety certified, signature helmet of Mitchie ‘Little Tricky’ Brusco, one of the finest young skateboarders in the world




Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: Made with low-profile Zipmold® foam for an enhanced strength-to-weight ratio
  • Liner: Zipmold® liquid foam injected liner for lightweight comfort
  • Ventilation: Strategically placed vents for a breathable, tailored fit.
  • Visor: Flippable visor for sun protection
  • Lightweight Design: A feather-light construction, weighing only 0.42/0.44 kg

Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: Durable, high-density, injection-molded hardshell EPS for ultimate protection
  • EPS Impact Foam: Lightweight impact foam combines high stability with great flexibility
  • Ventilation: Fourteen vents and air flow channels ensure superior comfort and breathability
  • Tuned Fit System: Allows you to dial in your fit using different thickness comfort pads on the interior of the helmet
  • Design: Fits as low as possible for superior front, back and side head protection without restricting your movement
  • Snug Fit: The most comfortable and best fitting half-shell helmet

Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: Multi-impact ABS shell for superior protection
  • Dual Density EVA Foam: Provides comfort while enhancing impact protection
  • Inner Layer: For superior shock absorption. The inner layer transforms back to its original shape
  • Outer Layer: Moulds to your head for a perfect fit
  • Moisture Wicking Sweatsaver Layer: Includes an anti-bacterial treatment to minimise odour
  • Customisation: Adjustable nylon buckled straps
  • Super Lightweight Construction: For unrivalled comfort


Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: In-mould micro shell construction provides durable protection
  • Liner: EPS foam liner enhances impact protection and comfort
  • Interior: Die-cut PU foam padding with laminated Nylex
  • Ventilation: Seven open vents with internal venting system
  • Fit: Lightweight, low profile fit and feel

Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: Versatile and durable construction thanks to a light but strong Thinshell with EPS foam impact protection
  • Ventilation: Fixed ventilation
  • Liner: Snap-in clip system for cold and warm weather liner integration
  • Tailored Fit: Adjustable chin straps for secure fit
  • Design: Low profile design means extreme head protection without getting in your way
  • Lightweight Construction: Around 20% lighter than previous models

Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Shell: Multi-impact design for excellent protection
  • Design: Streamlined look on the classic Brainsaver shape
  • Liner: Cushioning polystyrene liner
  • Versatility: Ideal for skateboarding, in-line skating (‘rollerblading’), roller derby, and scooters. Not for bicycle use

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