Can technology save the world? | Adopting tech to fight plastic pollution and climate change

As part of our battle against single-use plastic and striving to be as sustainable as possible, Surfdome (a part of the Internet Fusion Group) has adopted two of the first ever automated packaging machines, the Neopost CVP-500.
These innovative machines, based at our warehouse in Kettering, are responsible for packaging each Surfdome order in recycled cardboard, cut to the exact size of your parcel, eliminating the need for void filling and excess packaging.

Back in 2015 Surfdome’s packaging was 74% plastic free; by 2017 that number crept up to 91%. We’re not in 2019 and we’re striving for even.
Thanks to the Neopost CVP-500 creating the exact size parcels, 90 less lorry loads have been on the roads, furthering our goal at reducing C02 emissions. These nifty machines can package up to 450 orders an hour for even better efficiency across our warehouse, giving us more time to focus on other areas to make Surfdome as sustainable as possible.
Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Surfdome, said: “We can’t solve the challenges we face by doing the same old processes, we need to take a broader view on process, technologies, materials, solutions and a holistic view to sustainability. That’s where progress will be found!”

Just in case that wasn’t enough, at our warehouse we’re also quadrupling our solar PV system, along with 100% renewable energy and Biogas contracts, to drive down C02 emissions across the whole of Internet Fusion as a group.
Want to find out more? Click here to watch Adam Hall explain more and watch the machine in action.

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