Watch – Centriphone: an iPhone video experiment on snow!

Watch – Centriphone: an iPhone video experiment on snow!

Selfie sticks are so last season (not that we’d be caught dead with one anyway). So, it’s all about  improvising and taking your creativity to the next level – like attaching your iPhone to a piece of string perhaps. Yes, this week the world was introduced to the Centriphone and the results are pretty darn rad.

Two years in the making, pro freeskier Nicolas Vuignier has perfected the technique of constantly swinging his iPhone around his head whilst he rides. Bear in mind, this is more than just a flimsy piece of string – Vuignier made his custom rig through 3D printing that holds the string and iPhone together. The result? From powder to rails, Vuignier leaves us with mesmerising slowmo panoramic shots – and the perfect recipe for a viral video.

Tempted to try it yourself? Just make sure that knot on the string is extra secure. Otherwise, we’re pretty sure you might lose your phone to the powder forever… or until you can hike back up to find it in the summer at least!

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