Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Anja and Kelli skating and cycling to raise money for Baan San Fan Orphanage
Now and then we might think of ways to challenge ourselves, maybe raising money for a charity along the way, but to be honest, anything that hasn’t already been done is likely to be painful and probably seem impossible to do.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel 1000km on inline skates? Well now you don’t have to wonder, you can see if for yourself! These two young ladies are bravely travelling from Chiang Mai to Bangkok , one on a bike and one on inline skates, all in the name of charity! This brave duo, Anja and Kelli, are getting out there and facing this huge challenge to raise money for the kids of the Baan San-Fan Orphanage.

We felt that this was a really crazy challenge but also heart warming. You can only imagine how sore you would feel after skating and cycling for a couple of days, never mind 15! Every chance they get, they update their online blog to keep the supporters in-the-know on their daily hurdles.

All smiles from the girls
All smiles from the girls

10 Wheels, 15 Days!

While I read through their daily journal and watch as they add more and more kilometres to their clock, I can’t help but wonder what it is that keeps them smiling. Probably a combination of huge support they have gained over the days they have been out there, along with the sheer disbelief that they are actually doing this!
The girls have recently emailed us to say thanks for the support.
We think they are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up ladies!

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