Coming Soon: adidas Away Days

Coming Soon: adidas Away Days

adidas Skateboarding has one of the strongest teams in the business, and now you get to enjoy them all in one place. Get ready for their first-ever feature-length skate film!  Featuring everyone from Lucas to Silas, Na-Kel to Busenitz, Fairfax to Suciu – this really is going to be one hell of a banger. adidas have always had a lineup (read as: family) that consists of nothing but raw talent, innovation and progressive skating. You know, and then there’s Gonz – the ‘cool uncle’ who’s not only artistically talented but completely batsh*t crazy.

Throw all that together, use one of those filming-majiggy things and what do you get? Away Days… that’s what. So lace up and get your board ready. Because after this, you’re 100% going to want to skate.

No really… Click play NOW – you’ll regret it if you don’t.

P.S – Away Days premiere’s in May. So you’ve still got time to give the trailer another couple of goes.

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