Defines Us – The Search by Rip Curl

Defines Us – The Search by Rip Curl

Well, if this clip doesn’t want to make you get up and reevaluate your life as well as the current brisk conditions that as Brits, we are facing for the next however many months, I’m not sure what will. Blue sea’s, barrels,  boat trips and the bikini clad Rip Curls girl’s team. Wowzers, that’s one hell of a daydream I now have stuck in my head.

This clip really does make us envy every professional surfer alive. I mean, sh*t, is there a clip that sells the dream more than this? On a genuine note, how’s Tyler’s barrel at 0.45 in? That’s one hell of a pit and actually, it was really refreshing to see the chicks surfing and charging just as hard as the guys. Once again, this episode of the ‘The Search’ has left us ever so slightly less stoked on our lives in the big smoke.

Matty Wilko, Gabs Medina and Mason Ho getting their froth on!


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