Earth Day 2021: What You Can Do

Earth Day 2021: What You Can Do

The message of this year’s Earth Day April 20th-22nd couldn’t be any clearer: as the world returns to normal, we can’t go back to business-as-usual. The campaign seeks to raise awareness around the climate crisis and environmental destruction, while also proving that together, we can make a difference.

So what can you do to support Earth Day 2021? There’s a whole host of charities and campaigns doing the work to protect the places that we cherish and improve access for all. If you’re new to activism, the sports you love are a great entry point to environmentalism. Supporting, volunteering and/or donating to charities that value the same things you do is empowering and also provides a sense of belonging and community. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s a collection of non-profit organisations that are working hard to Restore Our Earth™ and also make it a more inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

Ocean Generation | Plastic Oceans

Image: @oceangeneration

Since 2009, Plastic Oceans, the award-winning documentary that ignited mass public awareness of plastic pollution in our Ocean, have been using educational programmes to increase Ocean literacy and stop plastic from reaching the Ocean within a generation. Over a decade later, they’re starting a new chapter and joining forces with the young team at Ocean Generation to co-create an inclusive global movement that exists to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean. 

Join their community today to find out how you can help support their impact partnerships and young people campaigns.

Find out more here.

Right to Roam

Image: Right To Roam

The Right to Roam is a legal right for anyone to wander in open countryside, whether on privately or publicly owned land. It is already a defining concept in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Scotland, where every person has a right to explore vast open spaces, sleep there, hike, climb, swim, kayak and ride horses. Right to Roam is campaigning to extend the Countryside & Rights of Way (CRoW) Act in England so that millions more people can have easy access to open space and the physical, mental and spiritual health benefits that it brings.

Send a letter to your MP today to show your support.

Get involved here.

Protect Our Winters UK

Image: Steven McDonald

Surfdome is the founding supporter of POW UK .

Initially founded in the US by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters is now a global movement that unites the snowsports community and industry to tackle the climate crisis.

The UK chapter, POW UK, is on a mission to inspire and equip UK based outdoor communities to take positive climate action and accelerate our transition to a carbon-neutral society. With COP26, the United Climate Change Conference, hosted in Glasgow this November, they are campaigning for increased climate ambition from country leaders. 

To support them during this pivotal time for climate action, join the community by signing up to their newsletter and following on social media to take action on their campaigns.

Get more information on POW here | @protectourwintersuk 

Black Trail Runners

Image: Phil Young

Without a personal connection to the outdoors, there is less incentive to protect it. Without access or invitation to experience the benefits of natural environments for mental and physical health, there is less understanding of its value. The climate crisis does not discriminate, and we must promote the outdoors as an inclusive, welcoming space for everyone to enjoy.

Black Trail Runners (BTR) is working to increase the inclusion, participation and representation of people of colour in trail running. A lack of diversity prevents new narratives, ideas and perspectives from manifesting in this space, and BTR wants to change the story by breaking down the invisible barriers that exclude black people and minority communities from experiencing joy in the outdoors.

Get involved in their community by following on social media or participate in one of their events or challenges. You can also support the cause by starting and continuing the discussion of outdoor diversity and inclusivity in your circles.

Find out more here | @blacktrailrunners

Trash Free Trails

Image: @trashfreetrails

A positive, inclusive call to arms for riders, runners and roamers alike, Trash Free Trails exists to protect our trails and the wild places they take us – starting with litter. “Like our oceans and streets, our trails and wild places are becoming choked by plastic pollution”. That’s why this community-focused non-profit is seeking to reduce plastic pollution by 75% by 2025 and reconnect people with nature to encourage better mental health and well being. 

Take part in their Spring Trail Clean this April and do some litter picking in your local area to give back to the places that do so much for us.

Get involved.

Surfers Against Sewage

Image: Alexa Poppe

Surfers Against Sewage inspire, unite and empower communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife. Since 1990, this grassroots movement has grown into one of the UK’s most successful environmental charities, building a huge community of over 300,000 activists.

Their work focuses on the critical issues of plastic and sewage pollution in the UK and educating advocates of all ages on the connection between the climate crisis and ocean health. Through community projects and campaigns such as beach cleans and parliamentary events, they are united for the UK’s coastlines to create the future they want to see.

Get involved with one of their beach cleans or join the #GenerationSea campaign to save and secure our oceans and beaches’ future.

Find out more here | @surfersagainstsewage

Mind Over Mountains

Image: Mind over Mountains

It’s tough to bring about external change without first working on ourselves. As activists, we can’t fill from an empty cup. Mind Over Mountains are helping people restore their mental health naturally through therapeutic, outdoor experiences. Using the great outdoors’ transformative power, they support people in building resilience, connection, and a foundation for lasting change in their lives both inwardly and outwardly. Bringing together hill-walking and mindfulness with time spent with experienced coaches and counsellors in unpressured settings, their holistic approach to mental health uses physical, emotional and spiritual challenges to inspire change.

Contribute to their community to help build a safe space for everyone. Join an event to walk, talk and find stillness in some of the UK’s most special places. If you need financial support, bursaries are also available for those in need.

Get involved here | @mind_o_mountains

2 Minute Beach Clean

Image: Paddy

Surfdome is the founding supporter of #2MinuteBeachClean.

The 2 Minute Foundation is devoted to cleaning up our planet 2 minutes at a time. In 2007, Martin Dorey found a beach knee-deep in plastic waste, bottles and fishing gear, and vowed to do something about it.

After starting The Beach Clean Network, in 2013, a huge Atlantic storm washed up an enormous amount of litter on the UK’s coast and the #2minutebeachclean movement was born. Starting with 8 stations in Cornwall, the movement has evolved to include more than 800 station locations around the UK. The Two Minute Foundation became a registered charity 2 years ago, believing that simple, achievable acts can add up to make a great difference.

The group uses social media and direct action to empower, educate, inspire and enable individuals, groups and businesses to make simple changes or take part in simple actions to contribute to the planet’s and their own wellbeing.

Take part and complete your own #2minutebeachclean, and remember to post on social media to encourage others to do so. Find out where your location station is over on their website.

Find out more here | @2minutebeachclean

By Daisy Maddinson

Surf, snow, skate & outdoor gear
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