Edible Water Bottles!

Edible Water Bottles!

Edible water bottles to tackle the plastic problem

As well as increasing public awareness of plastic pollution and the damage it’s causing to our environment, we also think it’s important to promote the brilliantly innovative solutions that are being designed to tackle the problem head-on.

Enter “Ooho!” – an edible container that encapsulates water in a clear, biodegradable membrane. Watch this inspiring video by Skipping Rocks Lab to find out more:

Pretty cool, huh? The three London-based designers responsible for “Ooho!” – Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier – created the edible blobs using seaweed extract and calcium chloride, with the help of chemists and engineers at Imperial College, London. They believe this sustainable solution to plastic waste is ideal for hydration on the go, be it on the street, at festivals or during marathons. The design was a winner of the Lexus Design Award and will also be featured at Milan Design Week.

We were super fortunate to share a stage with the guys at Ooho at the Festival of Hope at the Eden Project late last year, and got to try out one of the water balls (in fact one of the minty ones!) Its a strange experience, an exploding refreshment in your mouth!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.21.37
Edible water bottles at the Eden Project

Here at Surfdome along with The Plastic Project, we’re keen to inspire the next generation of budding product designers and environmentalists, which is why we support Plastic Times. This educational project for primary school pupils not only encourages children to explore the issues surrounding plastic waste, but also challenges them to come up with their own innovative solutions for a healthier planet. We need them more than ever to dig us out of the plastic hole we are in!

You can read more about the project in this recent blog post and discover the impact it’s already having on children around the country, some of whom will see their plastic reports projected on the biggest screen in Britain through LitFilmFest in June.

For more information on Plastic Times and other projects that impassion young people to become more environmentally, socially and politically active, visit www.ataleunfold.co.uk/resources

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