Education; the most powerful weapon to change the world

Education; the most powerful weapon to change the world

Education; the most powerful weapon to change the world

We’re lucky enough to be able to use our voice to champion projects and people who we think are doing good things. As boardriders ourselves, Tim Nunn’s work on The Plastic Project fits naturally with our audience and core beliefs. But what about the audience we hope to inspire and serve in the future?

Nelson Mandela is known for many things but this quote of his inspired us to take The Plastic Project to a wider and younger audience.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

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The future has always been defined by the young or young at heart. If we are to bring about a healthy, cleaner, more responsible surf industry, then it is our duty to educate the next generation of innovators and consumers

Enter in A Tale Unfolds, a primary school education company which brings together traditional literacy and digital skills. Using stories and footage from The Plastic Project and us here at Surfdome, they have produced a 15 lesson classroom resource which educates 7-11 year olds about the plastic problem and encourages them to find ways to tackle it head on!

TPP in the class roomThe resource itself, called The Plastic Times, focuses on news reports. As well as improving children’s reading and writing, pupils film their own news reports about the issue as well as develop innovative products which help redefine our use of plastic. With the help of Tim’s photographs and video footage, the news reports created in the classroom become so much more powerful than words alone.

Our dream is to get thousands of young people spreading the word in order to bring about lasting change. To do that, we need people like YOU to help us reach teachers, parents of primary pupils and anyone else who can bring this resource to future generations.

For more information, visit The Plastic Times and let’s get filming. There’s no time to waste!

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