Enjoy unrivalled freedom with the Rip Curl E-bomb E6 super stretch wetsuit

Enjoy unrivalled freedom with the Rip Curl E-bomb E6 super stretch wetsuit

Rip Curl’s new E-Bomb E6 wetsuit is so jam-packed with the latest innovations and technologies in wetsuit design that it will leave surfers, dare we say, dumbfounded by how comfortable it feels. Think we’re exaggerating? Well, read on naysayer as we delve into its numerous features (you’ll also have the chance to win your very own E-Bomb E6 wetsuit pack at the bottom of the page!) …

The Neoprene

The 2018 E6 version of the popular E-Bomb wetsuit has been crafted from Rip Curl’s latest E6 Thermoflex neoprene. Providing unrivalled flexibility, the suit will also keep you warm thanks to the innovative Thermoflex technology (a lining which retains body heat and dries quickly). Lightweight but effective, the lining doesn’t add any bulk to the suit so there’s no compromising on performance during those chilly winter sessions.

The Taping

Known as ‘stress point taping’, Rip Curl have strategically placed their super stretchy E6 neoprene strips on the most ‘stressed’ parts of the wetsuit (aka the areas that are subject to the most wear and tear), which includes the crotch, the chest and the knees. All the seams in the E-Bomb E6 have been triple glued and double stitched providing a high stretch, super strength, water sealed seam.

The Zip (or lack of)

Wearing a zip-free wetsuit allows for a full range of unrestricted power movement across the back and chest when paddling by cutting out a flex deadzone located around static zip. Super easy to put on and take off thanks to the flexible neoprene and adjustable cinch fastening, the lack of zip also maintains maximum water seal.

Other features

If all of the above hasn’t quite impressed you yet, finishing touches such as the smooth neoprene collar (to prevent irritations and water penetration), the handy key stash pocket and the stitch-free paddle zones (underarm) should seal the deal!
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