etnies x Skateboobs: Concrete Party Waves in Edinburgh

etnies x Skateboobs: Concrete Party Waves in Edinburgh

Skateboobs skateboarding crew in Edinburgh

Meet the young skateboarders spreading the love on the streets of Edinburgh and beyond

Skateboarding and boobs – two words that, until Skateboobs came along, rarely cropped up in the same conversation. A young skate collective founded in Edinburgh, Skateboobs are dedicated to opening up a new dialogue about mental health, and to making the skateboarding community a more welcoming space for people of all abilities, identities and ages. Their aim, as they put it, is “to be the role models which we once needed”.

Picture the scene: an overcast afternoon at the local skatepark. Multiple stern faces, maybe even a few scowls. The vibe isn’t exactly hostile, but it’s not exactly friendly either – or maybe it’s friendlier to some people than others. Also, very possibly, a certain alpha-male energy in the air. So you stand there on the margins, looking around at everyone else and thinking, “they look cool / scary / mean / unapproachable” – even if they’re thinking exactly the same thing about you.

Skateboobs met at just such a skatepark in 2019. Despite the aforementioned barriers, they got talking, became friends, had the best time, and gradually began carving out a space that was more open, more fun, less serious, free of judgement. Skateboobs was born, and their daily shenanigans – tricks, larks, numerous slams, infectious enthusiasm – began winning fans on TikTok and beyond. They proudly champion female, queer, and non-binary skateboarding culture in everything they do, whether raising money for Coppa Feel, the breast cancer awareness charity, or just skating about Edinburgh and expressing themselves.

Enjoy the film, brought to you by the legends at etnies Footwear. You can find out more about Skateboobs at their website. Alternatively, follow them on the Skateboobs Tik Tok or the Skateboobs Instagram.

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