Ski Puns

We’re taking the absolute piste with some good old-fashioned ski puns for you to snowplough your way through. You won’t want to bail or wipe out any of these puns. So, hop on the chairlift, strap yourself in and get ready to reach the peak of Mount Punny.

Ski Puns

  • Did you hear about the skier who sold his soul to the devil? It was a binding contract
  • The carver really knows how to sparkle on the slopes
  • Skiing? It’s a piste of cake
  • You’ll après-ciate this list of puns
  • What do skiers have in their sandwiches? Slalomami
  • Help from a glove
  • Making plans on the slopes is the best, at the end of the day, it’s the best place for ski-eming
  • All I want this year is some piste and quiet
  • Who needs the beach when you have the ski-side
  • My mental well-skiing is important to me

Snow Puns

  • Snow place like home
  • It’s a Game of Thrones blizzard outside, yep, it’s coming down with Jon Snowflakes
  • Snow before bros
  • Why was the snowman such a good rapper? Because he was so cold on the mic
  • What did Seal get when he went to the Alps recently? A kiss from a snows
  • Snow canons are scary things, what next, artificial snowbots?
  • Farmers in Switzerland love their snow-ploughman’s sandwiches
  • It’s predicted to snow in McDonald’s next week, they are expecting a pretty big McFlurry
  • I’ve got snowbody to rely on
  • I committed a crime last night, it’s time to keep a snow profile

Winter Puns

  • You don’t like winter puns? How cold
  • I only have ice for you
  • My Cash ISA just had a big freeze
  • Winter takes all
  • Have an ice day
  • Icicles on the car? Going to need thaw’s hammer to clear them away
  • I like surfing on the winternet
  • It’s a mist tree how freezing fog exists
  • There’s snow place like the mountains in winter
  • Fortune favours the cold

Mountain Puns

  • Apparently a mafia boss lives in the mountains…one day someone will find the Snow Don.
  • Mountains have sprung up in Birmingham, nobody knows how the peaky blinders got there
  • This pun list has summit for everyone
  • Actions peak louder than words
  • Everybody needs a bit of Alp now and again
  • No days off, we don’t Everest
  • Don’t you speak to me like that, I could do without that type of altitude
  • You’re not inclined to like this list but you are expected to find it hill areas
  • Mount Vesuvius is a bit of a lol-cano
  • A group of cows recently climbed K2…the steaks were high

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