Snowboard Tricks

Are you ready to take your snowboarding to the next level? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider, mastering a few basic snowboard tricks can help you progress in your skills while having fun on the mountain. We’ve put together a list of easy snowboard tricks to get you started, from the basics to intermediate moves.

Learn How to Ollie

The Ollie is the foundation of almost all snowboard tricks. This move, which involves popping the board off the ground so you can jump, is one of the simplest, yet most essential tricks you can learn. To begin, head to flat terrain. Start by pushing off your heels, then springing off the tail. As you jump, snap your knees so you extend into the air. Bend your back leg to pull your board up with you and then land back on the ground with your weight centred over the middle of your board.


Once you’ve mastered the Ollie, you can move on to the Nollie. This trick is like an Ollie, just in the opposite direction. Instead of popping off your tail, you do it off your nose. Start by setting your weight on the front of your board, then spring off your toes. As you jump, bend your lead knee and use your back leg to pull the board up with you until you land on the ground again.

50-50 Grinds

Grinds are another great trick to learn. The 50-50 grind is where you slide along a wall or rail while balancing both your feet on the board. To begin, roll up onto your rail, then centre your weight so you stay balanced as you slide. Avoid lifting either foot as this can cause you to lose your stability.

Method Air

Method airs are a great trick to learn if you want to look like a pro on the mountain. This trick involves jumping off a jump or kicker, then grabbing your board in the middle with both hands as you rotate and spin in the air. As you take off, move your arms up for balance as you rotate and spin in the air. To land, bend your knees as you return to the ground and make sure your weight is centred over your board.

Practice Makes Perfect

Most of all, have patience and have fun learning. Snowboarding is all about practising and progressing, so you should never expect to master these tricks overnight. Dedicate the time to mastering these tricks and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master of the mountain in no time!

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