Surfboard Bag Buying Guide

Surfboard bags protect your board when travelling, whether it’s on a long haul flight or just down to the local beach, there’s a board bag for you.

We have added filters to our surfboard bag page so you can quickly select the features you need and see the bags which we have available for you.

Which Surfboard Bag is right for me?

The guide below will guide you through the options available to make sure you get the right bag for you, if you know which bag you’re after and want to skip to the bags you can use the links below to get to the right place:

Choose the type of board bag:

Ideally you want a snug fit for your surfboard, the less it moves around the less chance there is of it getting damaged, to make sure you get the best fit choose a bag which matches the shape of your surfboard:

  • Shortboard – Designed for standard shortboard templates, usually for boards less than 19” wide.
  • Hybrid – A wider bag which is still the traditional shape, ideal for wider shortboards.
  • Funboard/Fish – For wide boards with wider noses and tails
  • Longboard – Designed for long boards, often have a fin slot so you can leave the fin in place.
  • SUP – We have a variety of bags for different styles of Stand Up Paddle board.

Choose the board bag thickness:

If you’re travelling long haul on a plane or if you want to take more than one surfboard in the same bag go for aheavyweight bag, if it’s day to day use for one board the lightweight bags will work well.

When flying pay close attention to the baggage guidelines for surfboards or sports equipment as you may find that you can’t fly with a bag which exceeds their maximum dimensions. A 7 foot triple coffin bag will weigh around 7 kg.

  • Heavyweight bags – Have 10 mm foam padding throughout as standard and are recommended for air travel as they offer more protection.
  • Lightweight bags – 5 mm foam padding is standard, they often have a reflective material on one side to keep the board cool in the bag, recommended for everyday use.
  • Board Socks & Stretch Covers – A stretchy fabric cover for your board, perfect for keeping wax off your car or other boards.

Choose the capacity:

Board Bags are rated for the number of boards they can carry, the best bet is to remove the fins from your board if possible if you’re travelling long distance, if you have glassed on fins we’d recommend putting a block of polystyrene or similar foam over the fins to protect them as much as possible in transit.

Some double and triple bags will be capable of carrying more than two or three boards, we list them as double or triple based on the manufacturer’s recommended capacity for the bag.

We have triple bags with wheels installed at the tail of the bag, if you’re travelling internationally and have connecting flights it’s really worth considering this option, it generally adds less than a kilogram of weight and can make life much easier in situations where you’re most likely to need to move quickly.

Choose the length:

The size of the bag on the site is the maximum recommended length of surfboard which will fit, e.g. a 6’8” bag is suitable for a board up to 6’8” in length. It may be possible to get a longer board in a bag rated for a shorter length but we don’t recommend doing this, any extra space can be used to pad out the nose and tail of the surfboard.

If you’re buying a stretch board cover or sock your board can be 3 inches shorter or longer than the listed size as they can stretch to accommodate the shape of the board.